Table 4.

Change in binding activities of MAbs between intact B. pseudomallei and B. mallei cells and their SDS lysates

MAbIsotypeBinding activity of MAba
B. mallei 23344B. pseudomallei AFIP BP2
Intact cellsSDS lysateChangeIntact cellsSDS lysateChange
Group B (anti-B. pseudomallei and anti-B. mallei capsular PS MAbs)
    BP2 D2IgM++++++++++++++++
    BP1 10F11IgG3++++++++++++++++
    BP7 2F4IgG2b+++++++++++
    BP2 I67IgG1+++++++++++++++
    BP7 2C6IgG2a+++++++++++++++
    BP1 9G2IgG3++++++++++++++++
    BP1 6A8IgM++++++++++++++++
    BP1 2E7IgG3+++++++++++++
    BP1 14A7IgG3+++++++++++++++
    BP7 1C10IgM++++++++++++++++
    BP7 7B2IgM++++++++++++++++
Group C (anti-B. mallei LPS MAbs)
    BML 11G6IgG1++++++++
    BML 5D11IgG2b++++++++
    BML 18F8IgG1++++++++
    BML 20F1IgG1+++++++
    BML 15G9IgG1++++++++
    BML 4C10IgG1++++++++
Group E (anti-B. pseudomallei LPS MAbs)
    BP7 2G6IgG2a++++++++
    BP1 7F7IgG3++++++
    BP7 1H7IgG1++++++++
    BPL 30D11IgG2a++++++++
    BP7 6G2IgG2a++++++++
Group G (anti-glycoprotein MAbs)
    BML 9E2IgG1++++++↑↑+++++↑↑
    BMW5 5A1IgM+++++↑↑+++
    BPL 17A2IgG2b+++++++++++++↑↑
    BP7 10B11IgG1++++++++++++++
Group H (anti-protein MAbs)
    BML 1F3IgG1+++++↑↑++++↑↑
    BM2 17G6IgM+++++
  • a +, weak activity, OD reading between 0.1 and 0.5; ++, moderate activity, OD reading between 0.5 and 1.0; +++, strong activity, OD reading between 1.0 and 2.0; ++++, very strong activity, reading higher than 2.0; ↑, increase in binding activity; ↑↑, higher increase in binding activity; ↓, decrease in binding activity; blank cell, no change. Experiments were repeated at least three times.