Table 1.

List of MAbs and their isotypes used in all the assays performed in this studya

Group and MAb designationIsotypeMAb examined by:
Direct effect on bacterial growth studyIn vitro bactericidal study by opsonic assayAntigen binding study by ELISAIn vivo passive protection study
Group B (anti-capsular PS MAbs of both B. pseudomallei and B. mallei)
    BP2 D2IgG1(M)
    BP2 D17IgG1
    BP A4IgG2a
    BP1 10F11IgG3
    BP7 3E10IgG1
    BP2 I67IgG1
    BP7 2C6IgG2a
    BMW5 1D9IgM
    BMW2 1B5IgM
    BP1 1E4IgM
    BP1 9G2IgG3
    BP1 6A8IgM
    BP1 2E7IgG3
    BP1 14A7IgG3
    BP7 1C10IgM
    BP7 7B2IgM
    BP1 14F4IgM
    BP 12G5IgG3
    BP7 4G9IgM
    BM1 12C5IgG3
Group C (anti-LPS MAbs of B. mallei only)
    BMW 2D5IgG1
    BML 11G6IgG1
    BML 5D11IgG2b
    BML 18F8IgG1
    BML 20F1IgG1
    BML 15G9IgG1
    BML 4C10IgG1
Group D (anti-LPS MAbs of B. mallei with low to moderate level of cross-reaction to B. pseudomallei)
    BMW2 11F2IgG1
    BMW2 14BCIgG3
    BMW2 3C8IgG3
Group E (anti-LPS MAbs of both B. pseudomallei and B. thailandensis)
    BP7 2G6IgG2a
    BP1 7F7IgG3
    BP7 1H7IgG1
    BPL 5F7IgG3
    BPL 30D11IgG2a
    BP7 6G2IgG2a
    BP1 6G2IgM
Group G (anti-glycoprotein MAbs of all Burkholderia speciesb except for B. thailandensis)
    BML 9E2IgG1
    BMW5 5A1IgM
    BPL 17A2IgG2b
    BML 1F3IgG1
    BPL 23F11IgG3
    BP7 10B11IgG1
Group H (anti-protein MAbs of all Burkholderia species plus P. aeruginosa and E. coli)
    BM2 17G6IgM
    BML 1F3IgG1
  • a √, the particular MAb has been examined in the corresponding assay; −, not done.

  • b All Burkholderia species examined in our previous study include B. cepacia (ATCC 700070), B. vietnamiensis (ATCC BAA-248), B. stabilis (ATCC BAA-67), B. ambifaria (ATCC BAA-244), B. caledonica (ATCC BAA-462), B. kururiensis (ATCC 700977), B. multivorans (ATCC BAA-247), and B. fungorum (ATCC BAA-463).