Expression of IFN-γ and IL-2 in groups A and B as measured by intracellular cytokine staining by flow cytometrya

AssayPBMC prepGroup (no. of samples)Median antigenic stimulus for:
Gag poolPEN poolp24
ICC-flow IFN-γ CD8+FreshA (17)<56.3<5
FreshB (14)
P value0.0480.0190.14
CryopreservedA (11)5.521.9<5
CryopreservedB (10)196.7112.5<5
P value0.0360.0420.31
ICC-flow IL-2 CD8+FreshA (17)<5<5<5
FreshB (14)<5<520.7
P value0.610.800.36
CryopreservedA (11)42.730.8<5
CryopreservedB (10)58.633.633.0
P value0.470.760.07
ICC-flow IFN-γ CD4+FreshA (17)<5<5<5
FreshB (14)<5<511.4
P value0.311.00.25
CryopreservedA (11)23.7<5<5
CryopreservedB (10)23.911.59.2
P value0.820.520.67
ICC-flow IL-2 CD4+FreshA (17)<5<5<5
FreshB (14)<510.46.2
P value0.660.700.60
CryopreservedA (11)49.918.3<5
CryopreservedB (10)27.111.979.7
P value0.630.970.29
  • a For each assay, data were averaged over 1 to 3 separate time points for each individual and each antigen, and medians are for the two arms tested for differences by the Wilcoxon rank sum tests. Comparisons that reached statistical significance are in bold.