HI profiles of MAb DPJY01 against H5 viruses of different lineages and other HA subtypes

Clade or lineage groupVirusaHI titer/50 μl
0RG-A/Hong Kong/156/97 (H5N1)*12,800
1.0RG-A/Vietnam/1194/2004 (H5N1)*12,800
2.1RG-A/Indonesia/5/2005 (H5N1)*3,200
2.2A/egret/Egypt/1162-NAMRU3/2006 (H5N1)4,096
2.2RG-A/Turkey/1/2005 (H5N1)*3,200
2.3RG-A/Anhui/1/2005 (H5N1)*3,200
North American lineageA/Mallard Duck/Pensylvania/10218/84 (H5N2)4,096
Eurasian lineageRG-A/Mallard/NL/3/99 (H5N1)12,800
A/WSN/1933 (H1N1)<2
A/Mallard/New York/6750/78 (H2N2)<2
A/Duck/Hongkong/3/75 (H3N2)<2
A/Mallard/Alberta/206/96 (H6N8)<2
A/Chicken/Delaware/VIVA/2004 (H7N2)<2
A/Mallard/Alberta/194/92 (H8N4)<2
A/Guinea fowl/Hong Kong/WF10/99 (H9N2)<2
A/Pintail/Alberta/202/2000 (H10N7)<2
A/Duck/MD/2T70/2004 (H11N9)<2
A/Mallard/Alberta/238/96 (H12N5)<2
A/Mallard/Alberta/146/2001 (H13N6)<2
  • a Viruses marked with an * are attenuated recombinant viruses generated by reverse genetics (RG). The HA genes of RG viruses were derived from the indicated virus. RG viruses contain the NA gene derived from A/egret/Egypt/1162-NAMRU3/2006 (H5N1) and a truncated NS1-73 gene derived from A/guinea fowl/Hong Kong/WF10/99 (H9N2). The other five genes of the RG viruses were derived from the WF10att backbone (25), with the exception of RG-A/Mallard/NL/3/99 (H5N1), for which the genes were derived from the WF10 wild-type backbone virus.