TSST-1 antibody titers, S. aureus CFU, and amounts of TSST-1 and alpha-toxin proteins present in used tampons from four healthy women and two women with mTSS

Tampon sourceSerum antibody titeraS. aureus CFU/tampon (×108)Total amt, in μg, of TSST-1 (alpha-toxin) in sectionsb with:
Low hemoglobin densityHigh hemoglobin density
Healthy subjects
Subjects with mTSS
    1<102769 (28)ND (ND)
    2<10580 (30)ND (ND)
    Avg1674d (29)ND (ND)
  • a Titer of serum antibody against TSST-1.

  • b Low hemoglobin density refers to tampon sections that appear white, whereas high hemoglobin density refers to sections that appear red.

  • c ND, none detected.

  • d The total amounts of TSST-1 were considered significantly different (P < 0.002) by the Student t test.