Kinetics of serum antibody responses to MPB83, ESAT-6, and CFP-10 in cattle during experimental mycobacterial infection detected by VetTB Stat-Pak lateral-flow assay

GroupNo. of animals positive/no. of animals tested at the following wk after inoculation:
M. bovis b 0/44/44/43/43/4NAc
M. tuberculosis 0/55/54/52/50/5NA
M. kansasii 0/40/40/42/41/44/4
  • a For the M. kansasii-inoculated cattle, the responses at 18 weeks were 2 weeks after the injection of PPD for the skin test.

  • b One of the M. bovis-infected cattle was euthanized at week 6, and therefore, kinetics data were available for only four of the five original study animals.

  • c NA, animals in the M. tuberculosis- and M. bovis-inoculated groups were euthanized 16 weeks after inoculation; thus, samples were not available for analysis at that time point.