Disease expression upon mycobacterial inoculation

GroupGross pathologyaCulture scoreb
M. bovis (n = 5)All positive27.2 ± 7.3
M. tuberculosis (n = 5)All negative13.9 ± 5.5
M. kansasii (n = 4)All negative0 ± 0
  • a Gross lesions were confirmed to be tuberculous upon histologic evaluation and culture of lung tissue as well as lung- and head-associated lymph node tissues.

  • b Cumulative score (mean ± SEM) based on a ranking of the total numbers of CFU per plate of lung tissue and lung-associated lymph node tissue homogenates at the highest dilution. Mycobacteria were not detected in any tissues collected from M. kansasii-inoculated animals. Mean scores reflect the results from each animal within the treatment group, including culture-negative animals. The results differ (P < 0.05) according to mycobacterial treatment: M. bovis-inoculated animals > M. tuberculosis-inoculated animals > M. kansasii-inoculated animals.