MenC PS-specific IgG concentrations and SBA titers in infants during the first year of life

Sample type or age at samplingGMC (95% CI) of MenC PS-specific IgG (μg/ml)MenC-specific SBA titera (95% CI)
Cord blood0.25 (0.16-0.40)ND
3 mo0.10 (0.07-0.14)ND
12 mo0.09 (0.07-0.11)ND
11 mo0.04 (0.03-0.05)2 (NA)
  • a Titers were expressed as the reciprocal of the final serum dilution yielding 50% killing at 60 min. For statistical purposes, SBA titers of <4 were assigned a value of 2. ND, not determined (due to insufficient serum volume); NA, not applicable.