Details of studies that have reported the decay of maternal anti-VZV antibodies and the age at which anti-VZV antibodies disappear in infantsa

Study (reference)CountryStudy periodBirthNo. of infantsAssay used to measure anti-VZV AbAge (mo) at anti-VZV Ab disappearance
Present studyFrance2005-2006Full term345TRFIA4
Ozaki et al. (19)Japan1980Full term24NT4
Heininger et al. (10)Switzerland1994-1999Full term240ELISA4-6
Linder et al. (14)Israel1997Preterm120IFAMA2-6
Leineweber et al. (12)Switzerland1999-2000Preterm66ELISA<6
Full term31ELISA>6
van der Zwet et al. (22)The Netherlands1995-2000Preterm27VIDAS3
  • a Ab, antibodies; NT, neutralization test (described previously by Asano and Takahashi [1a]); ELISA, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; IFAMA, immunofluorescent antibodies to membrane antigen assay; VIDAS, the Vitek immunodiagnostic assay system, an automated enzyme-linked fluorescent immunoassay.