Subjects with varicella or varicella-like rash or HZ or HZ-like rash by age groupa

Age group and protocolGenderAge (yr)Rash diagnosisOnset (days) postvaccinationTotal duration (days)Max no. of lesionsIntensityLaboratory confirmation
50-59 yr of age
    010F50Varicella-like rash683NANo sample
    011F58Varicella-like rash2113ModeratePositive for HSV
≥60 yr of age
    011F64Herpes zoster112650ModerateQNS
    011F66Varicella-like rash14111MildNo sample
    011F71Zoster-like rash8256ModerateNo sample
    011F72Varicella-like rash264MildNo sample
    011F82Zoster-like rash27NA10ModerateNegative
  • a M, male; F, female; NA, not available (not reported); QNS, insufficient sample; HSV, herpes simplex virus (type not determined); negative, positive for beta-globin but negative for VZV-WT, VZV-O, and HSV DNA.