Evaluation of the activity of the antibodies induced by vaccination with recombinant HNa

Sample groupTiter at dpi
R. nu, mock infected<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.6<0.6
R. nu, AcNPV/HN infected<0.6<0.6<0.61.602.07<0.6<
Sf9, AcNPV/HN infected<0.6<0.6<0.61.762.96<0.6<
  • a Serum samples collected weekly were evaluated for the presence of antibodies with neutralizing activity and antibodies that were inhibitors of hemagglutination. Viral neutralization (VN) assays were performed in chicken embryo fibroblast primary cell culture with serial fourfold dilutions of serum samples and 100 PFU of NDV strain Beaudette. VN titer was calculated as the log10 of the inverse of the dilution that reduced the formation of viral plaques by 50%. HI assays were performed using four hemagglutinin units of NDV strain La Sota. HI titers were expressed as the log10 of the inverse of the highest dilution of sample showing complete inhibition of agglutination. Both VN and HI tests were performed using pools of all the samples of each group. dpi, day postinoculation.