Host sera with pythiosis used in this study and pathological features and geographical origin of each host

Host serum samplePathological featureGeographical origin
Cat ASubcutaneous infection of limbsGeorgia
Cat BSubcutaneous nasal infectionNorth Carolinaa
Cat CSubcutaneous infection of neck and a limbFlorida
Cattle AMultiple ulcerated lesions on the limbsVenezuelab
Cattle BMultiple fistulas on limbsVenezuelab
Cattle CMultiple fistulas on limbsVenezuelab
Dog ASubcutaneous infection on a limbGeorgia
Dog BIntestinalNorth Carolina
Dog CIntestinalFlorida
Horse ALarge abdominal ulcerate tissueCosta Rica
Horse BSubcutaneous infection on limbsTexas
Horse CSubcutaneous infection on limbsAlabama
Human AOrbital infectionTennesseea
Human BCarotid arteryThailandc
Human CFemoral arteryThailand
  • a Provided by Leo Kaufman.

  • b Provided by Rosa C. Perez and Juan J. Luiz-León (16).

  • c Provided by Arunee Thitithanyanont (23).