Total pathology scores and antibody responses to M. bovis antigens as measured by MAPIA and RT densitometry in vaccinated and nonvaccinated deer after M. bovis challengea

Vaccination group and animal identifierRelative antibody density over that at the baseline determined by:Total pathology score (avg)
Oral bait
        Totald0/51/53/50/53 (0.6)
Oral liquid
        Total1/50/50/50/51 (0.2)
        Total0/61/62/61/64 (0.7)
Nonvaccinated animals
        Total3/64/65/65/686 (14)
  • a Measurements were made 4 months after intratonsillar infection with 228 CFU of M. bovis for E6P10, 16/83, and RT and at 2 months postinfection for MBCF.

  • b The antibody titer was over that at the baseline 1 to 3 months postvaccination, prior to M. bovis challenge.

  • c Antibody was detected in the baseline sample.

  • d Number of animals with antibodies/total number of animals tested.

  • e Antibody was detected in unvaccinated animals 1 to 3 months prior to M. bovis challenge.