Pythium insidiosum strains used in this study, the host from which the isolate was recovered, the pathological features of the host with the infection, the geographical origins of the strains, and additional information on their accessibility in other collections

Identifier used in this studyHostPathologyGeographical originStrain(s) in other collectionsa
MTPI-19 (type strain)HorseAbdominal ulcerCosta RicaATCC 68643 = CBS 574.85
MTPI-04HorseUlcerated limbsUnited StatesND
MTPI-12HumanArterial pythiosisThailandND
MTPI-14HumanLymph nodesThailandND
MTPI-21HorseLimbNew GuineaATCC 28251
MTPI-24HorseLimbAustraliaATCC 64218
  • a ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; CBS, Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures; MTPI, Medical Technology Pythium insidiosum; ND, not deposited in other collections.