Characteristics of recombinant proteins assessed

AntigenSize (aa)aM. tuberculosis homolog (% identity)Function and notes
ML0091236Rv3810 (52.7)Exported repetitive protein precursor PirG; 28-kDa antigen precursor, cell surface protein
ML0098301Rv3803c (83.3)Ag85C; fbpC
ML0276147Rv0390 (79.0)Conserved hypothetical protein
ML0405394Rv3616c (62.7)Conserved hypothetical protein
ML0411446Rv3883c (34.4)Possible secreted protease
ML2028327Rv1886c (83.3)Ag85B
ML2038159Rv1876 (86.0)MMP-II; bacterioferritin
ML2055287Rv1860 (66.8)ModD; fibronectin attachment protein
ML2331256Rv3717 (82.0)Possible secreted protein
ML2346301NoneConserved hypothetical protein
LID-1Chimeric fusion of ML0405 and ML2331
PADLChimeric fusion of B cell epitopic regions from ML0405, ML2331, ML2055, ML0411, and ML0091
  • a aa, amino acids.