Summary of infectivity study samplesa

Sample codeLung lesion scorebMaximum diam (mm) of lymph node lesioncTissues confirmed M. bovis positive by culture
A51515Lungs; AM, LB, and PM lymph nodes
B012588AM, LB, PM, and RB lymph nodes
C38Lungs; AM and LB lymph nodes
D5154030Lungs; AM, LB, PM, and RB lymph nodes
E55Lungs; AM, LB, PM, and RB lymph nodes
  • a All animals were confirmed to be without infection prior to challenge by SICCT, and lesions were measured at 17 weeks p.i. Abbreviations for lymph node locations: AM, anterior mediastinal; LB, left bronchial; PM, posterior mediastinal; and RB, right bronchial.

  • b Lung lesion scores: 0, no lesions; 1, 1 to 9 lesions; 2, 10 to 29 lesions; 2, 30 to 99 lesions; 4, 100 to 199 lesions; and 5, ≥200 lesions.

  • c —, no lymph node lesion.