Immunofluorescence titers of serum samples against P. falciparum-infected red blood cells

Rabbit serumTiter (3D7 titer)Mean titer (Wellcome)PatternaImmunogen
11:1,600 (1:400)2,000PunctateAMA-1
21:1,600960All stagesMSP-119 mut
101:400 (1:800)All stages
131:1,600All stages
221:400All stages
281:800All stages
31:400 (1:800)800All stagesMSP-119 WT
111:400 (1:800)All stages
141:800All stages
211:1,600All stages
41:1,6002,240All stagesAMA-1 and MSP-119 mut
121:1,600All stages
161:3,200All stages
191:3,200 (1:400)All stages
261:1,600All stages
51:1,6001,600All stagesAMA-1-MSP-119 mut fusion
91:1,600All stages
181:1,600All stages
241:1,600All stages
251:1,600All stages
61:1,6003,520All stagesMSP-119 baculovirus
71:3,200All stages
171:3,200All stages
231:3,200All stages
271:6,400All stages
Preimmune control1:50No reactivity
Positive control 1 (BPRC)1:1,600Punctate
Positive control 2 (Pasteur)1:1,600All stages
  • a The punctate pattern was typical of reactivity with AMA-1 in mature schizonts, whereas the reactivity with all parasite blood stages was typical of binding to MSP-119.