Gross pathology, histopathology scores, and body weights of immunized and control chickens after challenge with virulent C. perfringens strain JGS4143a

Exptl groupNo. of chickens with gross lesionsbHistopathologycBWd (g)% BW gain
RAS control [χ8914(pYA3493)]33.03.3365 ± 23484 ± 14a32a
RASV-1 [χ8914(pYA3977)]12.41.7331 ± 13550 ± 16b66b
RASV-2 [χ8914(pYA4110)]11.51.0330 ± 11543 ± 22b,c65b
RASV-3 [χ8914(pYA4149)]11.61.8369 ± 21525 ± 12b,c42c
rPlcC s.c. injection12.22.1358 ± 18571 ± 25b60b
  • a All values are average results from five chickens per group. BW, body weight.

  • b Macroscopic lesions in the duodenum and jejunum.

  • c The frequency and severity of lesions were graded semiquantitatively on a scale of 0 (no lesion) to 5 (severe and frequent lesions) for tissues collected 1 day after challenge.

  • d The body weight was measured before the C. perfringens challenge infection, at day 32 of age, and at 1 week after the end of challenge infection (42 days of age). The body weight gain is expressed as the percent difference from the weight before challenge. Different letters designate significant differences (P < 0.01).