Protective capacity of pooled sera measured in the infant rat passive protection assaya

StudyGroupMean log10 CFU/100 μl blood (SD)P value for difference compared to positive reference (Hib coadministered)
United States
    PostprimaryControl4.27 (0.52)<0.05
DTPa + HBV + OPV + Hib*<0.85 (0.00)NS
DTPa-HBV-IPV/Hib2.55 (1.65)NS
    PostboosterControl4.37 (0.90)<0.01
DTPa + Hib*1.09 (0.64)NS
DTPa/Hib<0.85 (0.00)NS
Germany A
    PostprimaryControl4.89 (0.29)<0.01
DTPa + Hib2.82 (0.73)NS
DTPa/Hib2.07 (1.72)NS
    PostboosterControl4.95 (0.95)<0.01
DTPa + Hib<0.85 (0.00)NS
DTPa/Hib<0.85 (0.00)NS
Germany B
    PostprimaryControl5.43 (0.53)<0.01
DTPa-HBV + Hib1.48 (0.71)NS
DTPa-HBV/Hib2.43 (2.21)NS
    PostboosterControl5.43 (0.53)<0.01
dtpa-HBV + PRP<0.85 (0.00)NS
dtpa-HBV/PRP<0.85 (0.00)NS
  • a Not evaluated in the Myanmar study. NS, no statistically significant difference; dtpa, experimental DTPa vaccine with reduced antigen content; OPV, oral poliovirus vaccine. *, OmniHIB.