ELISA values for Lyme disease patient serum samples tested for IgG reactivity to VlsE and VlsE-derived peptides

PatientDiagnosisaELISA result (value) for diagnosisbImmunoblot resultcIgG ELISA result (value)b,d
NA6LAP (6.90)NPP (1.602)N (0.146)P (0.754)N (0.107)N (0.119)N (0.097)P (1.353)P (0.275)
NA7ClinicalP (1.93)NPN (0.157)N (0.119)N (0.144)N (0.102)N (0.069)N (0.105)P (0.224)N (0.081)
NA8ClinicalP (4.41)PPP (2.057)P (0.803)N (0.097)N (0.160)N (0.103)N (0.106)P (1.031)P (0.319)
NA9EM, LAP (5.75)NPN (0.091)N (0.127)N (0.0890)N (0.087)N (0.152)N (0.144)P (0.293)N (0.090)
NA10LAP (7.48)NPP (1.026)N (0.207)P (2.105)N (0.168)N (0.241)N (0.154)P (2.263)P (1.450)
NA11ClinicalP (3.51)NPP (1.007)N (0.321)P (0.3)N (0.099)N (0.135)N (0.214)P (0.770)P (0.440)
NA12EM, clinicalP (4.33)PPP (1.800)N (0.079)N (0.076)N (0.117)N (0.096)N (0.093)P (0.899)P (0.639)
NA13LAP (8.45)PPP (2.429)P (0.433)P (1.268)P (1.495)P (0.270)P (0.271)P (1.428)P (1.605)
NA14LAP (5.49)NPN (0.174)N (0.305)P (0.208)N (0.175)N (0.239)P (0.258)P (0.454)P (0.192)
NA15EM, clinicalP (5.98)PPP (2.522)N (0.331)P (0.191)P (2.086)N (0.15)N (0.13)P (2.101)P (2.136)
NA16LAP (8.18)NPP (0.872)N (0.123)P (0.690)N (0.061)N (0.105)N (0.113)P (0.591)P (0.207)
NA17LAP (3.77)NPN (0.077)N (0.152)N (0.123)N (0.082)N (0.123)N (0.111)P (1.025)P (0.220)
NA20CSF C+P (5.82)PPP (2.241)P (0.602)P (0.802)P (0.275)N (0.118)N (0.116)P (1.458)P (0.853)
NA22CSF C+P (1.24)NPN (0.133)N (0.191)N (0.094)N (0.066)N (0.106)N (0.135)P (0.390)N (0.090)
NA18EM, C+P (2.58)NPN (0.062)N (0.233)N (0.071)N (0.064)N (0.103)N (0.088)P (0.684)N (0.123)
NA19EM, C+P (1.89)PPN (0.092)N (0.213)N (0.110)N (0.087)P (0.316)N (0.139)P (0.609)N (0.112)
NA21EM, C+P (3.87)PPP (1.661)E (0.420)N (0.153)P (0.225)N (0.185)N (0.171)P (1.464)P (0.195)
NA23EM, C+P (4.77)PPN (0.180)P (0.486)N (0.101)N (0.083)N (0.147)N (0.176)P (2.543)P (1.045)
NA24EM, C+P (3.91)PNN (0.306)N (0.256)N (0.132)N (0.127)N (0.190)N (0.158)P (1.993)P (0.160)
NA25EM, C+P (3.49)PNN (0.154)N (0.152)N (0.103)N (0.082)N (0.149)N (0.126)P (1.309)N (0.106)
NA26EM, C+P (2.80)PNP (0.935)P (1.073)P (0.507)P (0.483)P (0.485)P (0.435)P (1.025)N (0.150)
NA27EM, C+P (1.45)PNN (0.121)P (0.460)N (0.120)N (0.096)P (0.302)N (0.123)P (0.415)N (0.099)
NA28EM, C+P (2.27)PNP (0.665)N (0.281)N (0.135)N (0.109)N (0.178)N (0.168)P (1.054)N (0.137)
NA29EM, C+N (0.53)PNN (0.109)N (0.131)N (0.094)N (0.073)N (0.117)N (0.109)P (0.676)N (0.084)
NA30EM, C+P (1.75)NNN (0.129)N (0.186)N (0.107)N (0.075)N (0.113)N (0.104)N (0.202)N (0.106)
NA31EM, C+E (0.99)PNN (0.102)N (0.106)N (0.067)N (0.065)N (0.092)N (0.093)N (0.159)N (0.065)
NA32EM, C+E (0.95)PNP (0.766)N (0.289)N (0.140)N (0.125)N (0.143)N (0.142)P (0.425)N (0.117)
NA33EM, C+P (1.30)NNN (0.226)P (0.547)N (0.150)N (0.144)N (0.202)N (0.187)N (0.238)N (0.126)
NA34EM, C+P (1.58)PNN (0.195)N (0.133)N (0.074)N (0.082)N (0.113)N (0.143)P (1.153)N (0.110)
NA35EM, C+P (1.59)PNN (0.102)N (0.091)N (0.065)N (0.088)N (0.1)N (0.089)P (0.432)N (0.089)
NA36Rash, C+P (1.29)NNN (0.183)N (0.127)N (0.088)N (0.121)N (0.131)N (0.126)N (0.180)N (0.137)
NA37EM, C+N (0.18)NNN (0.114)N (0.233)N (0.072)N (0.075)N (0.124)N (0.135)N (0.159)N (0.073)
NA38EM, C+N (0.59)NNN (0.407)N (0.357)N (0.153)N (0.130)N (0.173)N (0.167)P (0.637)N (0.119)
NA39EM, C+N (0.05)NNN (0.157)N (0.098)N (0.077)N (0.081)N (0.115)N (0.116)N (0.173)N (0.087)
NA40EM, C+N (0.57)NNN (0.212)N (0.275)N (0.077)N (0.075)N (0.102)N (0.130)P (0.356)N (0.081)
NA41EM, C+N (0.58)NNN (0.167)N (0.186)N (0.111)N (0.129)N (0.194)N (0.183)N (0.318)N (0.133)
NA42EM, C+E (0.93)NNN (0.096)N (0.101)N (0.109)N (0.079)N (0.116)N (0.202)N (0.270)N (0.115)
  • a C+, culture positive; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; LA, Lyme arthritis. Clinical diagnoses were made as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b P, positive; N, negative; E, equivocal (indeterminate). Bold values (positive) indicate samples with OD values greater than the mean plus 3 standard deviations of the negative control values.

  • c Lyme disease Marblot (MarDx).

  • d The values for control patients NA1 to NA5 were used to calculate the cutoff value (mean + 3 standard deviations). These were run in tandem on the ELISA plates with patient samples NA6 to NA31 or NA32 to NA42. The means + standard deviations (cutoff values) for these patients were as follows: for patients NA6 to NA31, 0.128 + 0.046 (0.265), 0.1842 + 0.079 (0.421), 0.096 + 0.024 (0.168), 0.116 + 0.025 (0.190), 0.150 + 0.039 (0.267), 0.126 + 0.032 (0.222), 0.115 + 0.036 (0.223), and 0.079 + 0.016 (0.127) for Ct, N1, N2, N3, C2, C4, C6, and VlsE, respectively; and for patients NA32 to NA42, 0.194 + 0.101 (0.497), 0.180 + 0.082 (0.425), 0.097 + 0.026 (0.173), 0.111 + 0.019 (0.168), 0.146 + 0.049 (0.292), 0.136 + 0.042 (0.260), 0.150 + 0.065 (0.344), and 0.085 + 0.025 (0.158) for Ct, N1, N2, N3, C2, C4, C6, and VlsE, respectively.