Summary of serum samples used in this study

Serum sample groupDonorsSerum samplesCollection dates
Set 119 hospitalized patients with SARS confirmed by the presence of anti-SARS-CoV IgG antibodies57 sequential serum samples from 19 patientsApril to June 2003 (13 patients); April to June 2004 (6 patients); all samples were collected within 6 wk of the onset of illness
Set 233 subjects, 2-3 mo after their recovery from SARS33 samples from 33 subjectsJuly and August 2003
Set 3100 healthy blood donors100 samples from 100 donorsMay and July 2002
Control pooled HDS10 randomly selected healthy individuals from set 3A mixture of sera from 10 healthy blood donorsMay and July 2002