Pretreatment median values of CSF WBC count, IgMIF, CSF IgM concentration, CSF LATEX/IgM end titer, CSF IL-10 concentration, CSF total protein concentration, and serum IgM and IL-10 concentrations in cured and relapsed patients with hemolymphatic-stage sleeping sickness

ParameterMedian value (interquartile range) for groupPa
Cured patients (n = 46)Relapsed patients (n = 14)
CSF WBC count (no. of cells/μl)2 (1-3)3 (1-4)0.63
IgMIF (%)0 (0-0)b50 (5-61)c<0.0001
CSF IgM concn (mg/liter)0.82 (0.48-1.79)3.33 (1.97-7.5)0.0005
CSF LATEX/IgM test end titer0 (0-2)2 (2-8)0.0003
CSF IL-10 concn (pg/ml)5.7 (1.9-7.4)8.3 (5.2-14.7)0.022
CSF total protein (mg/liter)344 (291-401)318 (293-402)0.88
Serum IgM concn (g/liter)4.53 (2.48-7.5)b5.13 (2.76-8.5)c0.59
Serum IL-10 concn (pg/ml)90 (45-139)b124 (93-136)c0.14
  • a Differences were tested by use of the Kruskal-Wallis test.

  • b n = 44.

  • c n = 13.