Survival of mice following challenge with S. pneumoniae WU2a

AntigenNo. of mice alive/no. dead% Survival
PspA (lactated Ringer's)4:180
PspA (alum)5:0100
PspA (matrix)5:0100
  • a CBA/N mice were immunized on days 0 and 14 with 30 μg of PspA/Rx1 in lactated Ringer's solution, alum, or the matrix. BSA represents the control group. Mice (n = 5) were challenged with 10 times the 100% lethal dose of WU2. P was <0.0001 for the survival of mice immunized with PspA in the matrix, on alum, and in lactated Ringer's solution versus BSA-immunized mice.