Frequency of WBi results with different cohorts from different territories

Country or regionCohortPopulation total (n)No. screen positive (no. negative)No. of WBi results (%)Reference
United StatesBlood donor500,0001,100160 (14.5)80
United StatesBlood donor3,270,0002,6601,207 (45.4)27
PeruGeneral population1,3633513 (37.1)19
ChileDonor and risk group600,0004,956409 (8.3)68
IndiaBlood donor39,784445 (11.4)92
NigeriaBlood donor50018655 (29.6)28
EthiopiaVolunteersa12,1241,437 (1,475)c91 (6.3)/31 (2.1)c,e57
BrazilRejected donorNAb210d6 (2.9)4
Central AfricaHigh-risk group1,9981,065367 (34.5)5
United StatesHigh-risk groupNA371123 (33.2)96
United StatesOther disordersNA19973 (36.7)96
Saudi ArabiaHospital/health center cohortsNA2,849444 (15.6)39
BrazilPregnant women9,78610511 (10.5)21
CameroonPregnant women85916313 (8.0)33
  • a Participants in Ethio-Netherlands AIDS Research Project.

  • b NA, not available.

  • c Only 1,475 of the 10,687 screened negative were included in Western blot testing.

  • d Selected cohort; no association was made with the initial population screened.

  • e The two values are number of WBi results among those who screened positive/number of WBi results among those who screened negative, with percentages for each given parenthetically.