Complement activation in serum samples from patients with complement deficiencies, identified by the hemolytic assay

Deficient factor (no. of patients)% Complement activationConcn of the deficient factor (%)a
C2 (2)0,* 9b128,* 143b0,* 0b
C3 (1)701
C3 (1) (dysfunction)24353
C4 (1)11280
C6 (1)260
C7 (1)100
C9 (1)37500
Properdin (1)101250
  • a The concentration of the lacking or (in one case) dysfunctional complement component, as determined by immunochemical techniques, is given for each patient.

  • b The two values listed are for two different patients, and the value marked by an asterisk (*) is for the patient highlighted in Fig. 3 and 4.