Intra- and interassay precision of MOPA4a

SerotypeCVb (name of serum)
Pn 17 (S1)38 (P22)13 (S1)42 (S3)31 (S5)
Pn 39 (S1)50 (P22)21 (S1)20 (S6)21 (S7)
Pn 46 (P20)14 (P22)10 (S1)NA (S2)21 (P18)
Pn 54 (S1)25 (P22)7 (S1)6 (S3)28 (S5)
Pn 6A14 (S1)42 (P22)20 (S1)NA (S3)32 (S5)
Pn 6B9 (P20)22 (P22)22 (S1)19 (S2)18 (P18)
Pn 7F10 (S1)66 (P22)27 (S1)19 (S3)34 (S5)
Pn 9V16 (P20)22 (P22)19 (S1)30 (S4)14 (P18)
Pn 1419 (P20)32 (P22)7 (S1)34 (S2)40 (P18)
Pn 18C15 (P20)8 (P22)6 (S1)7 (S4)4 (P18)
Pn 19A11 (P20)23 (P22)9 (S1)12 (S2)18 (P18)
Pn 19F6 (P20)13 (P22)16 (S1)15 (S4)24 (P18)
Pn 23F9 (P20)6 (P22)24 (S1)12 (S4)13 (P18)
  • a CV is expressed in percentages. NA (not applicable) was used when the sample had results below the detection limit for the serotype. The name of the serum sample is listed in parenthesis. P18, P20, and P22 indicate pool 18, pool 20, and pool 22, respectively. S1 through S7 indicate single-donor serum 1 through serum 7, respectively. These sera were postvaccination sera.

  • b Intra-assay average CV, 10%; interassay average CV, 22%. When the interassay CV was determined with the samples diluted only once, the interassay CV could be reduced to 15%. The average intra-assay CV was determined from 10 experiments; the average interassay CV was determined from 6 experiments.