Induction of EMC virus infection in C57BL/6 micea

Treatment% Survival at the indicated day after EMC virus infection
  • a Mouse L929 fibroblasts were treated with media, 2.5 × 103 U/ml of IFN-γ, or 20 μM of IFN-γ(95-133) for 24 h, after which cells were incubated with 100 PFU/ml of EMC virus for 1 h. Cells were then washed three times with media to wash away residual IFN-γ and peptides from the cells. Cells were resuspended with media for 24 h and supernatants collected. All supernatants were diluted with media (1:200,000) prior to intraperitoneal injection of mice on day 0. Mortality from EMC virus infection was recorded, and the percentage of surviving mice for each treatment group is presented. No change was seen in the mice after the eighth day postinjection with supernatants. A total of eight mice per group were used.