Characteristics of the cohorts of organ transplant recipients who did and did not develop cryptococcosis after transplantation

CharacteristicTotalPretransplantation sera from patientsaPosttransplantation sera from patientsa
No. of subjects491015 (9)b1113 (9)b
No. of males1014511
Mean age (yr) (range)5144 (39-49)53 (37-64)53 (45-63)54 (22-65)
No. of patients with the indicated organ transplanted13 liver5 lung7 liver
6 lung6 liver4 kidney
4 kidney1 lung
1 heart1 heart
Prior rejection rate (%)c0266323
Primary immunosuppressive drug (no. of patients)Tacrolimus (10)Tacrolimus (15)Tacrolimus (8), tacrolimus + sirolimus (1), tacrolimus + azathioprine (2)Tacrolimus (13)
No. of patients with the indicated site infected with C. neoformans8 lung9 lung (includes 6 subjects also studied pretransplant)
2 lung + skin2 lung + CNS
1 bone1 CNS
1 skin1 CNS + skin
2 lung + CNS
Mean time to cryptococcosis (days) (range)d246 (37-476)533 (40-1,338)
  • a Pre- and posttransplantation sera were obtained from organ transplant recipients who developed cryptococcosis (CN+) and from those did not develop cryptococcosis (CN−) after transplantation.

  • b The nine subjects who were studied pre- and posttransplantation.

  • c Prior rejection is defined here as one or more episodes of rejection 6 months prior to the transplant.

  • d Time blood was drawn after transplant. For CN+ subjects, it is the length of time after the transplant before the cryptococcosis diagnosis; for CN− subjects, it is the same length of time or as close after transplantation as the time elapsed from transplantation in CN+ subjects.