IFN-γ and IFN-γ(95-133) reduction of EMC virus yielda

TreatmentConcnVirus yield (PFU/ml)Fold reduction
Medium only4.1 × 108
IFN-γ2,500 U/ml1.1 × 10737.3
IFN-γ(95-133)20 μM1.7 × 10724.1
IFNGR(253-287)20 μM6.3 × 1080.7
  • a Mouse L929 fibroblasts seeded to confluence in a 25-cm2 flask were pretreated with 2,500 U/ml of IFN-γ, 20 μM of IFN-γ(95-133), or 20 μM of IFNGR(253-287) control peptide for 24 h, after which cells were challenged with EMC virus at 100 PFU/ml for 1 h. Flasks were washed and incubated with media for another 24 h. Virus produced was harvested and titrated by a standard viral plaque assay (see Materials and Methods). The numbers of PFU/ml of the original samples were reported and reduction (n-fold) calculated via dividing the number of PFU/ml of the medium-only control by the number of PFU/ml of each experimental sample.