Estimated sensitivities and specificities of the Enzygnost and Microimmune ELISAsa

Gold standardEnzygnost ELISAMicroimmune ELISA
1 (NT)80.3 (1,169/1,455)85.2 (241/283)96.3 (1,502/1,560)36.4 (103/283)
2d80.9 (1,209/1,495)99.6 (241/242)96.4 (1,546/1,604)45.3 (102/225)
  • a Results for the sample of sera tested by the NT were used to predict the distribution for the remaining sera. See “Antibody assays” under Materials and Methods for details.

  • b Given as a percentage (no. of true positives testing positive/no. of true positives).

  • c Given as a percentage (no. of true negatives testing negative/no. of true negatives).

  • d By gold standard 2, a result was considered positive if either the NT or both ELISAs were positive and as negative if the NT and one or both ELISAs were negative.