Neutralization titer and percent inhibition of MAb binding in the epitope-blocking ELISA produced by rabbit antisera to reference RRV strains and other alphaviruses

Rabbit antiserum (location and yr of strain isolation)Neutralization titerb% Inhibitiona of MAb:
RRV strains
    T48 (North Queensland, 1959)160564667
    NB5092 (Eastern New South Wales, 1969)16056.56264
    Ch19575 (western Queensland, 1976)64075.5540
    K1503 (East Kimberly, WA, 1984)32065170
    WK20 (West Kimberley, WA, 1977)32067180
    SW876 (southwest WA, 1987)160508261
    SW2191 (southwest WA, 1988)8076420
Other alphaviruses
    Getah virus4806.5110
    Sindbis virus400480
    Semliki Forest virus6404700
    Chikungunya virus400700
  • a The percent inhibition of MAb binding was calculated as 100 − [OD (test)/OD (negative control) × 100].

  • b Against homologous virus.

  • c Boldface indicates that the RRV-specific MAb 3B2 produced the best results.