Performance of three HSV-2-specific assays for sera from blood donors and the GUD cohort in Tanzania

AssayResult (%) fora:
Blood donorsGUD cohort
    sgG-245 A93 B89 C9486 D7997869096 E
    mgG-241 F9597 G96967999919597
FOCUS257 H100 I74 J10074 K8099889797 L
  • a −, not applicable. Statistical significance is as follows: P = 0.03 for A versus H, B versus I, C versus G, and D versus E; P = 0.005 for C versus J; P = 0.003 for F versus H; and P < 0.0001 for G versus J and K versus L.

  • b Based on concordant results from all three ELISAs and reactivity by WB of discordant sera.