Comparison of pathologies and serologies from noninoculated reindeer

AnimalELISA antibody response (ΔOD)aPathologyb
Day −7Post-CCT
123−0.0210.891g, m
129−0.0660.478g, m
  • a Change in optical density (ΔOD) (response to M. bovis-derived lipoarabinomannan-enriched antigen minus the response to no antigen) by sera from noninoculated reindeer at the initiation of the study (day −7) and 2 weeks after injection of purified protein derivative for the initial comparative cervical test (post-CCT) 16 weeks later.

  • b g, gross lesions consistent with tuberculosis; m, caseonecrotic granuloma(s) seen upon microscopic examination (Mycobacterium bovis was not identified by culture or in situ PCR and no acid-fast bacteria present in lesions); —, gross or microscopic lesions not detected.