Production of standard sera in C57BL/6j mice

PathogennInoculation route-doseaSeroconversionb (% positive)
Reo-323i.n.−1.0 TCID50i.n.−1.0 TCID50None100100
Sendai23i.n.−1 μg/10 μlNoneNone100100
GD72i.n.−2 × 106 PFU/10 μlNoneNone100100
20i.n.−6 × 106 PFU/10 μlNoneNone7377
2i.n.−2 × 106 PFU/10 μli.n.−2 × 106 PFU/10 μli.n.−6 × 106 PFU/10 μl00
44 d.b. inoculations at 2-wk intervals100100
206 d.b. inoculations at 2-wk intervals100100
EDIM12g.l.−1 μg/100 μli.p.−1 μg/100 μli.p.−1 μg/100 μl100100
12i.p.−1 μg/100 μli.p.−1 μg/100 μlNone100100
M. pulmonis4i.n.−40 μg/10 μli.n.−40 μg/10 μli.p.−40 μg/10 μl100100
4i.n.−77 μg/10 μli.n.−77 μg/10 μli.p.−77 μg/10 μl100100
4i.n.−150 μg/10 μli.n.−150 μg/10 μli.p.−150 μg/10 μl100100
12i.p.−150 μg/10 μli.p.−150 μg/10 μlNone92100
Vaccinia virus21i.p.−1 μg/100 μli.p.−1 μg/100 μli.p.−1 μg/100 μl90100
MMV12i.n.−1.0 TCID50i.p.−1.0 TCID50i.p.−1.0 TCID50100100
12i.n.−1.0 TCID50i.n.−2.0 TCID50i.p.−1.0 TCID508391
  • a i.n., intranasal; d.b., dirty bedding; g.l., gastric lavage; TCID50, 50% tissue culture infectious dose.

  • b For simplicity, only the final seroconversion results are presented.