Endpoint antibody titration by the rapid c-ELISA and VNT of sera from animals experimentally immunized with PPRV or RPV

Serum sampleVNT titerac-ELISA titerb
PPRV hyperimmune serum
RPV hyperimmune serum
RPV-vaccinated serumc
  • a VNT was with homologous viruses PPRV Nig75/1 for PPRV and RPV LATC for RPV.

  • b The titer represents the highest serum dilution showing PI values of ≥50.

  • c Two cattle (animals K9061 and K9062) were vaccinated twice, with a 3-week interval between inoculations, and the other animals (animals Rb001 to Rb010) received one inoculation each. All cattle were bled 3 weeks after the last vaccination. RPV strain LATC was used.