Diagnostic sensitivities of QFT-RD1, microscopy, and culture

Patient group (nb)Positive responses witha:
QFT-RD1MicroscopyCultureMicroscopy, culture, and QFT-RD1
No. (%)CINo. (%)CIP valueNo. (%)CIP valueNo. (%)CI
Pulmonary TB (35)29/35 (83)70-9616/35 (46)29-630.00922/35 (63)47-790.12134/35 (97)92-103
Extrapulmonary TBc (13)12/13 (92)78-1074/13 (31)5-560.0135/12 (42)13-700.04112/13 (92)78-107
All TB patients (48)41/48 (85)75-9620/48 (42)27-560.00127/46 (59)44-730.00946/48 (96)90-102
  • a Sensitivity of the QFT-RD1 test, microscopy, or culture for M. tuberculosis or combined sensitivity of microscopy, culture, and the QFT-RD1 test. For each group the numbers and percentages of responders are shown together with the 95% confidence intervals. Differences in sensitivity between QFT-RD1 and either microscopy or culture were calculated using the McNemar test, and differences in proportions between the patient groups were calculated using a chi-square test; a P value of <0.05 was considered significant.

  • b n, no. of patients.

  • c The extrapulmonary manifestations were distributed as meningitis (n = 1), lymphadenitis (n = 9), appendicitis (n = 1), osteomyelitis (n = 1), erythema nodosum, and a strong clinical suspicion of TB (n = 1).