Recombinant S. aureus proteins used in the studya

ProteinORFMWLocationBinding partnerReference
Clumping factor A (ClfA)SA0856102Cell wallFg 33
Clumping factor B (ClfB)SA265297Cell wallFg 36
Fibronectin-binding protein A (FnbA)SA2511118Cell wallFn, Fg 17
Serine-asparate repeat protein C (SdrC)SA0608103Cell wallND 24
Serine-asparate repeat protein D (SdrD)SA0609149Cell wallCa2+ 24
Serine-asparate repeat protein E (SdrE)SA0610126Cell wallND 24
Mrp protein (FmtB)SA2150263Cell wallND 25
Surface anchor family protein (LPXTG)SA2505136Cell wallND
Iron-regulated surface determinant (IsdB)SA113872Cell wallHb 32
Staphylococcal tf-binding protein A (StbA/IsdA)SA114030Cell wallTf 52
Haptoglobin-hemoglobin binding protein A (HarA)SA1781101Cell wallHp-Hb 13
ABC transporterSA068835MembraneND
Transferrin receptor (TfR)SA079938MembraneND
Elastin binding protein (EbpS)SA152253MembraneElastin 40
Penicillin-binding protein 2 (Pbp2)SA003376Membraneβ-Lactam 11
Enolase (Eno)SA084247SurfaceLaminin 3
MHC-II analog protein (Map)53SurfaceFn, Fg, Vn 34
Truncated Maps (Map-w)SA1751bBsp, Tbs
Coagulase (Coa)SA020972SecretedFg, Pth 43
Extracellular fibrinogen-binding protein (Efb/Fib)SA116819SecretedFg 2
  • a The open reading frame (ORF) numbers are from The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), CMR database ( ) for the S. aureus COL except where indicated. MW, predicted molecular weight; Fn, fibronectin; Fg, fibrinogen; Pth, prothrombin. Hb, hemoglobin; Hp, haptoglobin; Tf, transferrin; Vn, vitronectin; Bsp, bone sialoprotein; Tbs, thrombospondin; ND, not defined.

  • b ORF number for S. aureus strain N315.