Reactivities of hyperimmune, vaccination, and N protein-specific sera with various recombinant GST-N fusion proteins and synthetic peptides

Serum testedReactivitya in:
GST capture ELISAPeptide ELISA
GST-N1-525GST-N1-179GST-N414-496R440 (site 1)R470 (site 2)R508 (site 3)
Hyperimmune sera
Bovine sera
    RPV positive10/10 (8/10)1/10 (1/10)7/10 (7/10)0/106/101/10
    PPRV positiveNTbNTNT0/130/130/13
  • a For the GST capture ELISA, sera with net OD values of ≥0.2 were considered positive; for the peptide ELISA, sera with T/C values of ≥2.0 were considered positive. For bovine sera, results are shown as number of sera positive/number of sera tested, and data in parentheses represent the results of Western immunoblotting (see Fig. 3).

  • b NT, not tested.