Western blot patterns of MAbs raised against the A. phagocytophilum Webster strain on seven other A. phagocytophilum isolates

IsolateOriginMol mass (kDa) of antigen reacting to MAbLocation
Group AGroup B
96HE27 (Webster)Human42, 43, 45, 78, 18041, 44, 46Wisconsin
96HE54 (Spooner)Human44, 4544, 46Wisconsin
97HE97Human36, 38, 44, 4543, 45Wisconsin
E. equi MRKHorse4444California
96HE158 (New York 8)Human42, 44, 46New York
MD-HGEHuman44New York
97E13Dog41, 42Minnesota
  • a IgG1 was the isotype for groups A and B. Major antigens are shown in boldface.

  • b Originally human, but the agent was purified from horse neutrophils after experimental infection.