Comparison of the epidemiological characteristics of patients with B. quintana endocarditis and of those with B. henselae endocarditisa

Epidemiological characteristic(s)Value for group with species-level diagnosis on the basis of:
Culture and/or PCR resultsSerological testing
B. quintana endocarditis (n = 22)B. henselae endocarditis (n = 5)PB. quintana endocarditis (n = 15)B. henselae endocarditis (n = 7)P
Mean age (yr)4656NSb5753NS
Homelessness and/or chronic alcoholism and/or contact with body lice170<0.0059/14c0/6c<0.05
Contact with cats and/or cat fleas and previous valvular disease35<0.0013/14c4/5c<0.05
  • a Comparisons among the 27 patients with culture- and/or PCR-proven endocarditis were performed separately from those performed among the 22 patients with serology-based etiologic diagnoses. Except where otherwise indicated, all non-P values are numbers of patients.

  • b NS, not significant.

  • c Value is the number of patients with the characteristic(s)/total number of patients tested.