Flow cytometric analysis of BSC-1 cells infected with drug-susceptible or resistant HSV clinical isolatesa

HSV clinical isolate (reference)bHSV typePhenotypecEC50 (μM)d
Reagent 5090eMAb to late antigensf
SC16 (4)1TK+1.171.53
BW-S (21)1TK+0.710.89
BW-R (21)1TKdef59.0158.24
DM2.1 (4)1TKdel92.6682.65
SC16-S1 (4)1TKalt43.1047.79
KOST (11)2TKalt20.6119.15
  • a Each isolate was analyzed at least three times. Data from one representative experiment are presented.

  • b The original publications describing well-characterized HSV clinical isolates are shown.

  • c The phenotypes of these well-characterized HSV clinical isolates were determined using standard procedures at GlaxoSmithKline. TKdef, defective TK; TKdel, deletion of TK; TKalt, altered TK.

  • d EC50s of HSV clinical isolates for acyclovir.

  • e Reagent 5095 is a monoclonal antibody that is directed against an unidentified HSV-specific antigen that is expressed in HSV type 1- and HSV type 2-infected cells.

  • f Monoclonal antibodies (MAb) from the HSV 1 or 2 Typing direct fluorescent antibody kit were used to detect HSV-infected cells expressing either the HSV type 1 or HSV type 2 late antigen.