STAT activation and function in response to infection

ProteinCytokine activatorJaks activatedResponse to infection
STAT1IFN-γJak1, Jak2TH1 response, monocyte/macrophage activation
IFN-α/βJak1, Tyk2
STAT2IFN-α/βJak1, Tyk2Viral neutralization
STAT3IL-6Jak1/2, Tyk2Anti-inflammatory regulatory actions, monocyte/macrophage suppression
IL-10Jak1, Tyk2
STAT4IL-12Jak2, Tyk2TH1 response, NK cell function, intracellular pathogen neutralization
STAT6IL-4Jak1, Jak3TH2 response, immunoglobulin E class switching, parasite neutralization
IL-13Jak1/2, Tyk2