Prevalence of C. pneumoniae in monosymptomatic MS patients

PatientAge (yr)GenderCSF characteristicsInitial eventaIgG indexbOCc bandsBrain MRI resultsdCervical cord MRI resultsPCR assay results
VUMCeUSF with MOMP primerf
Cell count (no. of cells/μl)Protein concn (mg/dl)Glucose concn (mg/dl)VU-MOMPTong and Sillis
127M215953SC0.55NormalSingle T2 lesion+
232M103858SC1.23NormalTwo T2 lesions+++
342M38670SC0.51NormalEnhancing Lesion
538F12464BS0.5Two T2 PV lesionsNormal
645F02350SC0.99+NormalEnhancing Lesion+++
752M7Unknown71ON0.61Three PV lesionsNDg
834F15055ON0.6Multiple PV lesionsND+
939F14360BS0.39Multiple PV lesionsND+ND
1033F15657BS0.45+Multiple PV lesionsNormal
1131F94962ON1.41+Single enhancing lesionsSingle T2 lesion+++
1228F23254ON0.74+NormalSingle T2 lesion+
1357F11553SCND+Brian NormalNDNDND
1447F25252BSND+Single T2 lesion PonsNDNDND
1542F212665SCNDNSWM abnormalNDNDND
1641F12165BSND+3 NSWM lesionsND+NDND
1725F02759BSND+4 NSWM lesionsND+NDND
  • a Abbreviation for locations of initial events: SC, spinal cord; ON, optic nerve; BS, brain stem.

  • b IgG, immunoglobulin G.

  • c OC, oligoclonal.

  • d PV, periventricular; NSWM, nonspecific white matter.

  • e The total numbers of samples positive were 7 and 4 with the VU-MOMP and Tong and Sillis primers, respectively.

  • f The total number of samples positive was 2.

  • g ND, not done.