Sensitivities and specificities of various methods used for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis

Method and test or tissue usedaSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
Immunodiagnosis by:
    Antibody detection (13, 14, 25, 54, 80)
        Complement fixation test70-8060-73
        Immunodiffusion test70-7590-95
        Indirect hemagglutination73-7580-90
        IFA test55-7070-89
        DAT (67, 72, 84, 85)91-10072-95
        ELISA with CSA (18)80-10084-95
        ELISA with fucose-mannose ligand (53)63-10090-95
        ELISA with rK39 antigen (36, 67)100100
        Rapid strip test with rK39100b88-98b
        Rapid strip test with rK3967-71c97-100c
Antigen detection
        KATEX (6)68-100Under evaluation
DNA detection by:
    PCR with LDI primer (62)
        Blood96Under evaluation
        Bone marrow100
  • a References are cited in parentheses. CCIEP, countercurrent immunoelectrophoresis.

  • b Values reported from the Indian subcontinent (73, 75).

  • c Values reported from outside the Indian subcontinent (34, 84).