Comparison of characteristics of human macrophage hybridomas and primary monocytes

CharacteristicPrimary monocytesHuman macrophage hybridomas
Ability to stimulate primary T-cell responsesImpairedImpaired
Ability to stimulate T-cell-recall antigen responsesVariableImpaireda
MHCI expressionDecreasedDecreased
HLA-DR expressionLost on a subpopulation of cellsAbsent
Cytokine secretionIncreased TNF-α,b IL-1, and IL-10 secretion; decreased IL-12 secretionIncreased IL-10 secretion, decreased IL-1a and IL-12 secretion
ChemotaxisImpaired chemotaxisNot done
Phagocytic activityVariableDecreased
  • a See text.

  • b TNF-α, tumor necrosis factor alpha.