Detection of C. pneumoniae DNA in CSF by PCR

Authors (yr)Type of publicationDNA extractionaPCR methodbDetection methodcSensitivitydResultseReference
Numazaki and Chiba (2001)LetterNAfMOMP, nested PCR, ?/PCREthidium bromideNA0/15 MS (including 5 children)Letter, Neurology 57:746
Saiz et al. (2001)Letter300 μl of CSF, Qiagen columns, DNA solution (? volume)HM-1/HR-1, single PCR, ?/PCRHybridization in a microtitration plate (DEIA)NA0/39 MSLetter, J. Neurol. 248:617-618
Derfuss et al. (2001)Full paper100 μl of CSF, Qiagen DNA extraction kit, 200 μl of DNA solution16S rRNA, single PCR, 5 μl/PCREthidium bromideNA0/23 MS 15
Gieffers et al. (2001)Full paper300-1,000 μl of CSF, Qiagen columns, DNA solution (? volume)IN-1/IN-2, nested PCR, ?/PCRHybridization with a probeNA12/58 MS, 20/47 OND, 0/60 control 23a
Ikejima et al. (2001)Full paper200 μl of CSF, Qiagen DNA extraction kit with a bacterial protocol, 50 μl of DNA solutionOmp-1, single PCR, 2 μl/PCREthidium bromide0.8 bacteria/PCR11/16 MS 31
Morre et al. (2000)Letter200 μl of CSF, DNA extraction kit (Roche), DNA solution (? volume)16S rRNA, single PCR, ?/PCRHybridization with a probe0.05 IFU0/18 MS, 0/30 non-MSLetter, Ann. Neurol. 48:399
Pucci et al. (2000)LetterPellet, standard DNA extraction, DNA solution (? volume)MOMP, single PCR, ?/PCRNAA few organisms0/29 with 24 MS, 0/7 non-MSLetter, Ann. Neurol. 48:399-400
Layh-Schmitt et al. (2000)Full paper1.0 ml of CSF, Qiagen blood kit, DNA solution (? volume)MOMP, nested PCR, ?/PCREthidium bromide10 copies/PCR10/47 MS, 0/56 non-MS 40a
Boman et al. (2000)Letter200 μl of CSF, Qiamp blood kit, DNA solution (? volume)MOMP, nested PCR, ?/PCRNANA0/48 MS, 0/51 non-MSLetter, Neurology 57:746
Sriram et al. (1999)Full paper300 μl of CSF, sodium acetate extraction, 20 μl of DNA solutionMOMP, single PCR, ?/PCRHybridization with a probeNA36/37 MS, 5/27 non-MS 56
  • a The volume of CSF tested, DNA extraction protocol, and final volume of DNA preparation are shown. ? volume, specific volume was not provided.

  • b The target gene, PCR protocol (single or nested), and amount (volume) of DNA tested are shown. ?/PCR, amount of DNA per PCR assay was not provided. Omp-1, major outer membrane.

  • c Method for detection of PCR products.

  • d Lower detection limit per PCR or per tested CSF. IFU, inclusion-forming unit.

  • e No. PCR positive/no. tested CSF samples. OND, other neurological diseases.

  • f NA, not available.