Oligonucleotide primers and LightCycler hybridization probes used in the PCR assays

OligonucleotideSequence (5′-3′)aTarget geneNucleotide positionGenBank accession no.Reference
Fungus IGTT AAA AAG CTC GTA GTT G18S rDNA617-635 L05427 2
Fungus IITCC CTA GTC GGC ATA GTT TA18S rDNA        1045-1026 L05427 2
Cryp ITCC TCA CGG AGT GCA CTG TCT TG18S rDNA661-683 L05427 This study
Cryp IICAG TTG TTG GTC TTC CGT CAA TCT A18S rDNA938-914 L05427 This study
Cryp-HP-1TCC TGG TTC CCC TGC ACA C-[FL]18S rDNA743-725 L05427 This study
Cryp-HP-2[Red640]-CAG TAA AGA GCA TAC AGG ACC ACC-Ph18S rDNA723-700 L05427 This study
  • a [FL], fluorescein; [Red 640], LightCycler-Red 640-N-hydroxy-succinimide ester; Ph, 3′-phosphate.