Demographic and clinical data of patients with liver cirrhosis and healthy controlsa

PatientAge and sexEtiologyChild-Pugh classAdmission diagnosisHealthy controlAge and sex
169, MHCVCEncephalopathy133, M
258, MHCVCEncephalopathy258, M
342, FHCVBSubdural hemorrhage346, F
458, FHCVCTense ascites437, F
554, MAlcoholCOLT evaluation529, M
670, MHBVBGIB672, M
762, MHVC + alcoholCTense ascites726, M
850, FHCVBFever863, F
928, MBudd-Chiary syndromeBOLT evaluation929, M
1056, MHBVBEncephatopathy + UTI1054, M
1171, FHCVCPneumonia + SBP1130, F
1256, FHBVBSBP1242, F
1365, MAlcoholCGIB1327, M
1451, MAlcoholCBacteremia1427, M
  • a OLT, orthotopic liver transplantation; GIB, gastrointestinal bleeding; SBP, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis; UTI, urinary tract infection; HBV, hepatitis B virus; HCV, hepatitis C virus.