Distribution of pigs according to the histopathologic stage of cellular depletion in different lymphoid tissuesa

Group (no. of pigsb)No. of pigs showing lymphocyte depletion in indicated tissue
Superficial inguinal LNcMesenteric LNPeyer's patchesTonsilSpleen (PALSd)
B zoneeT zonefB zoneT zoneB zoneT zoneB zoneT zone
PCV2 negative (17)5110478323
PCV2 positive (24)19g17g1917g18h19h17g14g13h
  • a Since healthy control pigs showed no lesions, results for them have been excluded from the table, and the results of the statistical analysis reflect a comparison, between the PCV2-negative and PCV2-positive wasted-pig groups. P values were obtained from 2-by-2 contingency tables.

  • b Total number of pigs in each group, including those not showing lymphocyte depletion.

  • c LN, lymph node.

  • d PALS, periarteriolar lymphoid sheaths.

  • e B zone, B-cell-dependent area.

  • f T zone, T-cell-dependent area.

  • g P < 0.001.

  • h P < 0.05.