Reagent compositiona

VB FamilyFluorochromeCloneIsotype (species)
VB 5.3PE3D11IgG1 (mouse)
VB 7.1PE + FITCZOEIgG2a (mouse)
VB 3FITCCH92IgM (mouse)
VB 9PEFIN9IgG2a (mouse)
VB 17PE + FITCE17.5F3IgG1 (mouse)
VB 16FITCTAMAYA1.2IgG1 (mouse)
VB 18PEBA62.6IgG1 (mouse)
VB 5.1PE + FITCIMMU157IgG2a (mouse)
VB 20FITCELL1.4IgG (mouse)
VB 13.1PEIMMU222IgG2b (mouse)
VB 13.6PE + FITCJU74.3IgG1 (mouse)
VB 8FITC56C5.2IgG2a (mouse)
VB 5.2PE36213IgG1 (mouse)
VB 2PE + FITCMPB2D5IgG1 (mouse)
VB 12FITCVER2.32IgG2a (mouse)
VB 23PEAF23IgG1 (mouse)
VB 1PE + FITCBL37.2IgG1 (rat)
VB 21.3FITCIG125IgG2a (mouse)
VB 11PEC21IgG2a (mouse)
VB 22PE + FITCIMMU546IgG1 (mouse)
VB 14FITCCAS1.1.3IgG1 (mouse)
VB 13.2PEH132IgG1 (mouse)
VB 4PE + FITCWJF24IgM (rat)
VB 7.2FITCZIZOU4IgG2a (mouse)
  • a T cells were gated either on CD4+ T cells, using the MAb SFCI12TD11 (T4) labeled with ECD, or on CD8+ T-cells, using the MAb clone B9.11 coupled to PC5. A total of 21 individual VB-families can be evaluated using seven individual test tubes. This panel has been extended by three additional MAbs (the bottom three).